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Sully Erna - Avalon

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Hello fans, this is Metal Eddie here helping the Guru out so he can get a little R&R. Today we will be talking about one of my favorite artists Sully Erna, and looking at his solo CD. You either love or hate Godsmack but there is no denying that you have to respect that band for the straight out, kick ass, rock and roll that they produce year after year. With seven albums under their belt and a new disc that hit stores this past spring, as well as a huge tour to support "The Oracle," Sully Erna and Godsmack are wrecking machines.

Sully has a lot on his plate to say the least. With the new Godsmack disc, a solo CD, and a worldwide tour, I don't know how he can breathe. I'm just not sure why he waited so long to release a solo disc. He did do a solo tour a few years back and I'm sorry to say that I missed it.

Sully Erna, born Salvatore Paul Erna (February 7, 1968)in Massachusetts, wanted to break away from the gangs and crime of Massachusetts. He had a hard childhood; involved with the "wrong crowd" until he found music. Growing up with a musical family, it came natural for Sully to develop into one of the greatest front men rock has to offer. Sully can do it all from playing the drums to singing. With that being said Sully just released a new disc called "Avalon". If you are looking for an extra Godsmack disc you will not find it here and I suggest that you keep cranking up "The Oracle" to get your fill.

Sully has help on vocals from a classically trained woman by the name of Lisa Guyer she really complements Sully's voice on tracks such as 7 Years and The Rise just to name two of them.

The production and arrangement on Avalon is amazing from the first note of the opening track to the last note of In Through Time. Sully did it and he did it right. He plays the drums, guitar and sings on this disc. My favorite track on this disc is My Light – The guitar bell chime that starts off the song as well as the flute that is in the song just takes me to another place. When I hear this song I think of my wife and son who are the reasons that I wake up and run the rat race every day. So if I am having a bad day or moment I throw this on. Other tracks that are mind blowing are The Rise it is upbeat but not in a rock and roll way but very cool.

Like I said earlier if you are looking for a hard rock record this is not the place to go. I would rate this disc a 9 out of 10, there is not a bad track on this disc and it is pleasant on the ears.

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I met Ryo several years ago from a mutual friend. We hit it off and have gone to a ton of shows together. We share a love for music as well as good times when we hang out and I love his website. Keep on rockin Ryo!

On a final note support your artist and don't steal music. If we do this maybe the prices of concert tickets will come down.

Ryo’s Note: I never got into Godsmack. I appreciate one or two of their songs, but they are not a band that I go out of my way to listen to. Perhaps I should give Sully Erna’s solo CD a shot.

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