Monday, September 27, 2010

New Music Monday - Bruce Kaphan, Devotionals, and Paul Collins

Happy Monday! If your job is beating you down as much as mine has been lately, you may be in need of some great music to change your mood. Today, we’re featuring songs that will inspire, help you meditate, and provide a spring in your step.

Bruce Kaphan – Gleaming Towers (from the album Hybrid)
First up is Gleaming Towers by Bruce Kaphan. This San Francisco Bay area musician is quite a talent and his ability shows on this track. An instrumental (like all of the songs on the album Hybrid where it comes from), Gleaming Towers is mood music to start your day with. No loud guitars here. Gleaming Towers is soft inspiration that would be a perfect complement to watching the sun rise.

You can download Gleaming Towers for free by clicking this link:

Devotionals – Chest Like Expansive Wings (from the album Devotionals)
Next up is Devotional’s Chest Like Expansive Wings. A hauntingly beautiful song, Chest Like Expansive Wings centers on fantastic acoustic guitar work and a beautiful violin that could bring a tear to the eye. This is another morning inspiration instrumental that would be exceptional for meditation time. Chest Like Expansive Wings is a song that really gets the mind thinking.

You can download Chest Like Expansive Wings for free by clicking this link:

Paul Collins – Do You Wanna Love Me? (from the album King Of Power Pop!)
And finally for today, we have a rocking track from Paul Collins. Layered with funky guitar chords, amazing harmonica riffs, and Paul Collins’ gruffly sweet voice, Do You Wanna Love Me? Is a toe tapping, fast blazing, hard rocking good time! Save this one for your ride to the office and you’ll have a little spring in your step even before your morning coffee.

You can download Do You Wanna Love Me for free by clicking this link:

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