Monday, October 11, 2010

New Music Monday - Downtown Union, Red Hot Rebellion, and Paleo

Welcome to another edition of New Music Monday, where you get to hear new music and if you like it, you can download it for free.

Downtown Union – Lion In My Bones
Up first this week is Downtown Union with Lion In My Bones. This is another fantastic song by a band that I’ve got to hear more from. Downtown Union is an amazing group and I wish them nothing but massive success in the coming years. Enjoy this excellent single!

Lion In My Bones- Downtown/ Union by artofbroadcast

Red Hot Rebellion – For The Benefit Of Evil
Hard rocking, heavy hitting, and damned enjoyable – Red Hot Rebellion’s For The Benefit Of Evil is just one fun song! The video is pretty cool too. I think you will be singing along by the second listen.

Paleo – The King James Fakebook
Modern folk at its finest, The King James Fakebook by Paleo is a song that you just need to download. If you are looking for a different sound that you are bound to enjoy immensely, then Paleo is what you seek. Check this song out.

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