Monday, October 18, 2010

New Music Monday Featuring: The Sights, White Noise Sound, and The NUV

Welcome to another edition of New Music Monday, where the music is always enjoyable, always new, and always free. This week The Rock And Roll Guru has some interesting music selections for you.

The Sights – How Do You Sleep

Gritty, raw, and just plain fun, How Do You Sleep by The Sights is rock and roll the right way. Mixing the sounds of Clapton, The Band, and a touch of The Strokes, The Sights are a solid rock band that are fun to listen to. You can download the single of How Do You Sleep for free by clicking on the link above.

White Noise Sound – Sunset

Electronic rock and roll that is what White Noise Sound delivers. The first single from their debut album, Sunset, is a hard rocking, ear delight. Filled with a progressive sound of synthesizers meeting keyboards and guitars, White Noise Sound makes all the ingredients combine together into a delectable piece of music. You can download Sunset for free using the link above.

The NUV – Jennifer
Last up for this edition of New Music Monday is The NUV with Jennifer. Hailing all the way from Italy and teaching themselves to sing in English in order to broaden their appeal and fanbase, The NUV are quite an interesting story. However, we all know that the story isn’t enough to make a great band; the talent has to be there as well. With the NUV, they have nothing to worry about. If Jennifer is any indication, this band is loaded with talent. Check out the single below.

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