Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Interview With Patrick Fitzsimmons of From Good Homes

Patrick Fitzsimmons, of From Good Homes, was kind enough to sit down and answer some questions for The Rock And Roll Guru. From Good Homes will performing two reunion shows at The Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, New Jersey on December 17th and 18th. Tickets for both shows are still available.

Ryo Vie: From Good Homes did some one-off shows this past year. What has it been like to perform together again?

Patrick Fitzsimmons: Amazing. It has been a lot of fun. It is like we're picking up where we left off. It's also great to be reconnecting with our wonderful, and obviously very patient, fans.

RV: Last year, you performed your first reunion shows. What made you decide that it was time for a reunion?

PF: I think the decision to play again was just the timing of it all. We have all been doing our own things now since 1999. It takes a while to get a second career going and even more time to get it to a place where you feel you can take on something else on the side. I think we all felt that we were, after 10 years of very hard work, at that place.

RV: Prior to last year’s shows, you let the fans vote on which songs you would perform. Will you be doing that again this year?

PF: I think it was wonderful to see what are our fan's favorites and it was very helpful in putting together the sets for last year's reunion shows. Yes, I think we will be doing that again.

RV: Can we expect any special guest appearances for the Wellmont shows?

PF: We are now in the process of designing what this year's Wellmont shows will look and sound like and have not yet decided on guests or auxiliary players.

RV: Any chance of hearing The Ballad of Todd and Tracy?

PF: I think there is a very good chance of hearing that one this year. How can we pass up an opportunity to hear a theater full of people scream SEX!

RV: What about your stunning cover of Into The Mystic?

PF: Good suggestion. I'll tell the boys

RV: Are there any new songs that the band will be performing?

PF: I'd love us to get some new stuff in there. We were working on a new CD when we broke up in '99 so maybe we can work a few tunes from that into the mix.

RV: Will there be more reunion shows in the future?

PF: We are going to try and make the Wellmont shows, the weekend before Christmas, an annual event. Other than that it will depend on everyone's schedules. I know we are all up for it. I wouldn't be surprised if we end up doing a few festival dates this summer.

RV: What caused the band to call it quits back in 1999?

PF: I think we were all ready to move on and make a change. Brady and I both had young kids at home and the touring life was difficult for us. Musically I think we needed a break as well. Right up to the end, with the material we were working on when we split up, we never stopped making really good music. I just think we needed, as individuals, to branch out and journey down other musical paths.

RV: Any chance of a new From Good Homes album?

PF: Personally, I'd love that but it would require a lot more of a time commitment from all of us than just coming together a few times a year to do shows.

RV: We all know that Todd has been recording and touring with Railroad Earth for the last 10 years. What have the other members of the band been up to?

PF: Brady is doing Children's music and was nominated for a Grammy last year. Dan Myers has produced all of Brady's CDs as well as several other released including a lot of work with Adam Green. I have been doing the singer/songwriter thing for 10 years now and have released five solo CDs and tour all over the northeast. Jamie plays with a few different bands down in South Carolina where he's living these days.

RV: What does the future have in store for From Good Homes?

PF: Wellmont 12/17 and 12/18! At this point we're taking it one gig at a time.

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