Saturday, November 20, 2010

The New Ultraviolet Vanish - Top Model Super Fashion

Hailing from Milan, Italy, and arriving on the US rock scene is The New Ultraviolet Vanish (also known as the NUV). A blend of modern rock, punk, and a touch of 50s inspired rock and roll, The NUV is a sound of entertainment for the eardrums. Their punk grove/hard rock style takes a little getting used to at first, but once you buy into it, the groove is very pleasing.

Top Model Super Fashion opens with the pounding of Andrea Caristo’s drums that snap the listener to attention. A nifty guitar riff from Leonardo Sergun quickly fills in behind the drums and the song is off and running. Heavy and strangely addicting, Luche Libre is a solid song, but not even close to the band’s finest work. Those songs come later on Top Model Super Fashion.

Sir Leonard is a fast tempo rocker that finds Tripodi’s voice in a lower, sultry octave. He sings the song in mysterious, dark fashion, while guitarist Leonardo Sergun shows off his stuff with explosive solos and great lead riffs. Tripodi compliments this with his own rhythm guitar playing. The leads are long and stretched and the rhythms are short chords that pull the song together.

My Girlfriend is reminiscent of 1950s Buddy Holly if he had been a hard rocker. There’s a catchy beat in this song that can’t be denied. Only a fool wouldn’t like this song. Short, compact, and coated in Dante Brin’s exceptional bass guitar playing, My Girlfriend is one of the best songs on Top Model Super Fashion. An ode to Tripodi’s girlfriend leaving and moving on, My Girlfriend is a foot tapping, hand clapping, good time, even though the theme should be sad. This is a happy song that everyone can enjoy!

One of the strongest songs Top Model Super Fashion, and first single from the album, Jennifer, is a perfect example of the overarching sound of The NUV. A funk bass groove kicks off the song. The groove is immediately engulfed by lead singer Demis Tripodi’s slick voice which carries the listener away. The guitars and drums fill in the rest and we have a funkadelic rock song. Jennifer is a fun song; one that grows on the listener over time.

If you’re a fan of hard rock, punk rock, or any rock, you will enjoy Top Model Super Fashion by The NUV. Check it out if you are seeking something that will be pleasing to the ears, but different from the typical mainstream sounds that are polluting the airwaves these days. Top Model Super Fashion is available for purchase in the US. For more information, visit:

Ryo’s Rating: 7 (out of 10)

Track Listing
Luche Libre
Sir Leonard
My Girlfriend
30 Degrees Below Freezing
The Virgin
Cupidos Death
The Prestige

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