Monday, December 13, 2010

A Fond Farewell To 2010

This is a guest post from Metal Eddie. Previously the metal one shared his experience at the Nickelback/Three Days Grace/Buckcherry concert.

With 2010 coming to an end I am done attending shows this year. I have to admit I missed a lot of bands on tour. I didn’t go to that many shows. Two missed shows that stick out are Iron Maiden and Alice in Chains. From what I am told by my dear friend Cousin Ryo, Maiden was outstanding and put on a wonderful performance. I heard from a few friends at work that Alice in Chains didn’t miss it beat. They mentioned that it was kind of creepy to hear them because William DuVall sounds just like Layne Staley. So I missed the boat on these shows but we always have 2011 right?

I want to share a few things on some of the shows I did see in 2010. The three most surprising acts were Three Days Grace, Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown. I was blown away by all three. They are stupendous and a must see live! The most disappointing bands that I saw this year were Buckcherry, Godsmack and the Scorpions. Now I have already reviewed Buckcherry, so let me speak about Godsmack. They are my second favorite band with Kiss still holding the number one spot (more to come on that). Godsmack has been around for over a decade and I have seen them dozens of times. I thought they sounded great. The only problem is that they had way too may fillers. What I mean is guitar solos and just jamming that, to me, was a waste of time. The band has a big enough catalog to play for ninety minutes.

Let me move on to the Scorpions for a farewell tour it was weak at best. They sounded awful and played too many ballads however the drum solo was aces! Now to defend Klaus and the boys, Klaus was sick and didn’t want to cancel the show so I commend him on that.

I would like to speak about Ryo’s post about DMB possibly moving to his number one spot and overthrowing Kiss. My take on it goes something like this. I love Kiss. I have since the first grade and I’m now 41 years old. Do I listen to Kiss every day. No, I do not. Do I have to listen to Kiss everyday for them to be my favorite band? I think not!

We all go through phases of bands that we are into. For example I have been playing Five Finger Death Punch day in and day out for over a month now and I love that band but that doesn’t mean I love Kiss any less. I just saw Shinedown this past Friday (11/19/10), so guess what? I have been playing them more and more. So what I’m saying is your favorite band usually will always be your favorite band no matter what. Just keep rocking out and share your love and knowledge of Rock N Roll to the youth so when we are gone the music will still be here.

I would also like to personally thank Ryo for allowing me to post on The Rock And Roll Guru this year. It was a huge honor for me. I would also like to wish everyone a safe and health holiday season! I will post again soon.

Ryo’s Note: I personally don’t think The Scorpions played enough ballads, but that’s just me! And I would have gotten rid of the drum solo for one or two songs to be performed instead.

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