Monday, January 3, 2011

The Best of The Rock And Roll Guru - 2010

Ahhhh, it’s a New Year! 2011 is upon us and I am hopeful and excited for what this year has in store. While looking ahead to the coming year, it’s always nice to take a step back and reflect on what happened in the past year. It’s nice to pause and reflect on what was accomplished as I shape my goals for 2011. Below is what I feel were the best Rock And Roll Guru posts from 2010. Rock with me as we recap my favorite moments from last year. Enjoy!

What’s A Fair Price?
In this post, I tried to determine what a fair price is for all those insane ticket fees we pay when going to see our favorite band perform live. It was another cry for Ticketmaster to get realistic and stop financially raping the fans. Hopefully someone heard the message, but I doubt it.

Who Sets The Prices For Concert Tickets?
Bands rarely get a say in the price of a concert ticket anymore. As more bands continue to sign multi-million dollar deals with promoters less fans will be able to afford tickets. It’s the sad state of the modern concert.

Milli Vanili - 20 Years Later
This was a look back at one of my guilty pleasures from high school. I loved Milli Vanili when I was a teenager. It was impossible to stop myself from listening to them. It’s tragic what happened to these performers. Corporate greed has been around for a long time, hasn’t it?

Summer Nights And The Rolling Stones
I lost a very dear friend in March of 2010. He was the man who introduced me to The Rolling Stones and taught me how to be a romantic. While we weren’t as close in the last years of his life as we should have been, I still considered him a great friend. I miss him dearly.

Choosing Music Over Baseball
This was a major turning point in my life – I chose Cinderella’s Long Cold Winter over my entire baseball card collection. It was then and there that I knew music was the ruling force in my life – forever.

How To Be A Roadie
Have you ever wanted to be a roadie? The opportunity to go on tour with your favorite band can be very alluring. In this post, I explain the pros and cons to becoming one of the men and women who make the concerts happen.

Yet Another Reason To Hate Ticketmaster
The title says it all. Not that we really need another reason, but Ticketmaster is kind enough to continually provide.

How To Become A Band Manager
Much like being a roadie, becoming a band manager is a long journey filled with hard work. However, if you think you have the talent and skills, you could be the next Doc McGhee. Reading this post is a great place to start your journey.

How The Internet Killed The Bootlegging Industry
Sometimes the internet can be a great tool. No longer do we have to pay a small fortune to own a concert we attended. Now we can download any concert in existence for free.

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