Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Making Time For Music Edition

Here’s a shocker, kids. Your cousin Ryo listens to a lot of records. I know, you didn’t see that coming. Whether I’m writing reviews for this blog, or reviewing albums for Hard Rock Hideout (, or just trying to keep up with the new releases as they come across my desk, a lot of music passes my ears. While this is a blessing at times, it can also be a curse. Listening to all of these albums, leaves me little time to listen to the music that I really enjoy. There are times when I can’t crank the Dave Matthews Band or Kiss because I have to write a review for the latest independent release that was kindly submitted for my approval. While I love discovering new music, there are times when I just want to Rock And Roll All Night.

That having been said, I’ve decided to make a deal with myself – a compromise if you will. I believe it’s one that will be beneficial to both my classic side and my new music side. I’m going to make time to listen to the music I love. On weekends, I will be shutting off all the new material I listen to for review purposes, and will only play the records that I really love, or some great gem from the archives of my vault. During the week, I am going to make more of an effort to listen to the new albums that need to be reviewed (most likely while driving to and from my day job). I think this will provide me the opportunity to appreciate the new music, but still remember the great albums in my collection. If you are a producer, band manager, or entertainer looking to have your music reviewed, feel free to keep sending the albums my way. It may take me a little while to get to them, but I promise that I do listen to everything that comes across my desk.

Here’s what rocked this week:

Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart Touring Together
This is an interesting combination. If Rod Stewart is playing his rock classics, then this would be a great tour to see. However, if Rod Stewart is still doing the crooner songbook thing, then count me out. I’m sure that Stevie Nicks will be playing all of her best known tunes (solo and Fleetwood Mac). The Heart & Soul Tour 2011 kicks off on March 20th. Tickets for most dates are available now via Ticketmaster ( Just make sure you have your Gold Card ready, these tickets are not cheap.

You Could Win A Chance To Meet Eric Clapton
Ernie Ball Inc., the world’s premier string, accessory and instrument manufacturer and creators of the iconic Slinky® guitar string, announced Ernie Ball Presents Experience Clapton and the Ernie Ball Eric Clapton Golden Pick, giving Ernie Ball customers nationwide a rare opportunity to meet Eric Clapton in London or win one of thousands of exciting prizes instantly. Fifteen grand prize winners will get unparalleled access to Eric Clapton’s private rehearsal, an exclusive meet and greet and a ticket to see Clapton live at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The London show is the climax of Clapton’s UK tour in support of his 19th studio album, Clapton.

Each and every pack of Ernie Ball electric and acoustic guitar strings purchased at Guitar Center between February 1st and April 30th will give a guitarist the chance to win one of the 15 grand prizes to Experience Clapton in London, simply by visiting and entering the unique code provided inside the package. Select packs will also include one of 5 color-coded, instant-winning Eric Clapton guitar picks. Each pick is redeemable for one of thousands of exclusive prizes including free Music Man guitars, VIP trips to the 2012 winter NAMM show and Guitar Center gift cards, depending on the pick’s color.

Some Reviews At Hard Rock Hideout
In the shameless self-promotion category, something I haven’t done in a while, I wanted to share some recent reviews I did for Hard Rock Hideout. The first is for Ginger Lynn’s Baby’s Gone Bad. The other is a link to my review of the latest Gary Cherone project, Hurtsmile. While Ginger Lynn left a little something to be desired, Hurtsmile is just another fantastic musical project from the highly talented Gary Cherone.

Ginger Lynn:


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