Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Spring Cleaning Edition

This weekend is one of my favorite weekends here at the Vie household. It’s spring cleaning weekend. Once a year, we go through the entire house and clean everything from top to bottom. We go around getting rid of the winter grime, throw out junk we haven’t touched in a year, and basically make the house shine.

While it’s my favorite weekend, it is the least favorite weekend of Mrs. Vie and our daughter. Both of them give me the same look when I profess my excitement for spring cleaning weekend as they do when I tell them I am going to see Iron Maiden. It’s not quite an eye roll, but it is certainly a look that says “we just don’t get you sometimes.” Well, too each their own.

To their credit, both girls pitch in and help, albeit very begrudgingly. Regardless of their attitude, I am excited for this weekend. I even plan on starting a room tonight so I have one room conquered before the “official” spring cleaning begins tomorrow.

Here’s what rocked this week:

Rockitt Rant Gets It Right
Over at Hard Rock Hideout, Rob Rockitt has blessed us with another wonderful Rockitt Rant. This time, he’s ranting about Poison needing to give us some new music. I couldn’t agree more!

Record Store Day Is Coming
In what is now considered an annual tradition, Record Store Day 2011 is coming up fast. This year it is scheduled to take place on April 16, 2011. This year finds another slew of releases that will only be available at these independent retailers. Most of them will only be available for a limited time. You can get the full list by clicking the link above. Be sure to visit your nearest local independent store on April 16th.

Quiet Riot Hitting The Road With Warrant And L.A. Guns
I’m not sure what to make of this. First, only Australian dates have been announced (so far). Second, should Quiet Riot really be touring? Perhaps it’s best to remember Kevin DuBrow by retiring the band. Last, it’s Warrant without Jani Lane and Phil Lewis’ version of L.A. Guns. If this show comes to the states, how much would you pay to see it? I’d give $10, but not much more than that.

Rolling Stone Magazine's Spring Music Preview
Over at Rolling Stone, they have been kind enough to share their spring music preview, to help us gear up for all the great music that is about to be released. It comes complete with the ability to listen to a song from certain albums. While there are some albums that I am really looking forward to, the one I want most of all is Pop Evil’s War of Angels. Last check, it was still delayed with no new release date.

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They keep calling me said...

what about the Nirvana release? The link doesn't mention it.

Anonymous said...

Pop Evil? Did Ryo mention Pop Evil? Hey... that's a band Ryo got me into! Good times. :)