Saturday, March 12, 2011

King Capisce - King Capisce

What would happen if you combined the talents and flavor of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phish, and Pink Floyd to record an instrumental album? You’d most likely wind up with King Capisce. Hailing from Sheffield, England, King Capisce are a Post-Jazz/Rock Quintet formed in 2008. Their self titled debut album was released in 2010 and has made news around the music scene ever since.

I’ll admit that I don’t listen to many non-classical instrumental albums. However, when I heard a sample track form King Capisce’s eponymous debut, my curiosity peaked and I wanted to hear more. That was a smart decision on my part. King Capisce is a blend of all music styles, making it hard to classify, which is not a bad thing. Unique music that stands out usually blazes a trail for its own category, and King Capisce fit that mold. Elements of jazz, rock, blues, and soul are all encapsulated in their enjoyable and pleasing music.

Yes , “…” is the title of an actual song. Not one, but two songs are blessed with this unique title. And no, they are not the same song repeated. Perhaps it is the instrumentalist’s way of saying the song is untitled? Or maybe it is an interlude segueing into the next song. This is pure speculation on my part. Personally, I like songs to have titles, but I will limit my criticisms since the music is so infectious.

Jazz infused, psychedelic, funk, punk rock and roll is the true sound of King Capisce. Instead of a lead vocalist, there is a lead saxophone that stands out on this album. Saxophone duties were handled by both Richard Harrison and Alex Baker. On the self titled debut, they both gave a grand display of what great sax should sound like.

Tim Feben on guitar, Roshan Lal on bass, and Tom Ashfield on drums complete the quintet that is King Capisce. All are talented in their own right, and while the saxophone players take center stage on most songs, it is the rhythm section of Feben, Lal, and Ashfield that help round out the music and mold its complex form. While most great jazz saxophonists are accompanied by a piano or violins, King Capisce took it to the next level with a psychedelic rock sound not heard before.

If you’re a fan of the jam band scene, a big lover of jazz, or you always wondered what the two genres would sound like mashed up and produced on record, then King Capisce is an album that you are going to want to listen to. Brilliant, vibrant, and moving, King Capisce is a unique treat for your eardrums. You can order this album by visiting

Notable Tracks: The Rift, Diallelus

Ryo’s Rating – 7 (out of 10)

Track Listing
Cheer Up Cyclops
Catastrophic Sex Music
The Rift
The Sharp End

Between Teeth


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