Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Playoffs Edition

The winter sports are finally drawing to a close. Most regular readers of The Rock And Roll Guru know how much I love baseball, but may not realize that I am an avid sports fan in general. During the winter when I can’t see winter league baseball games, I follow hockey and basketball. For the first time in many years, both the basketball team that I follow (The New York Knicks) and the hockey team that I follow (The Pittsburgh Penguins) are in the post season. For me, this is a real treat. It means that there is a game on every night that I have interest in.

Playoffs are a real thrill for me, as I enjoy rooting my team to victory. After having followed their every move, shot, miss, decisive win, and agonizing loss, rooting for the team in the playoffs is extra special. I only hope that both the Knicks and the Penguins can go deep into the postseason and continue to make the thrills last.

Here’s what rocked this week:

Fantastic Video Interview With Nikki Sixx
Over at Rolling Stone, there is a great video interview with Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue. He dishes the dirt on the upcoming tour with Poison and the New York Dolls, the history of his songs, and the upcoming movie, “The Dirt.” This is must watch stuff!

Guitar Center’s King Of The Blues Contest Is Underway
Continuing its support of aspiring artists, Guitar Center ( the world's largest musical instrument retailer, today launched its fifth-annual King of the Blues, the nationwide search for the next great undiscovered blues guitar player. Guitarists can sign-up at any of Guitar Center's 216 stores across the country for the chance to compete for over $50,000 in prizes including studio time with Grammy Award-winning producer Pete Anderson. Five finalists will perform for a panel of celebrity judges at the King of the Blues finals at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, playing alongside guitar titan Warren Haynes. For more information, or to sign up, click on the link above.

Interview With Rush Live From Madison Square Garden
As most of you know, I went to see Rush at Madison Square Garden last Sunday night. Rolling Stone did a great interview with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson before the concert. There is some solid show footage cut in as well. This is definitely worth checking out.

Record Store Day Arrives Tomorrow
We end this version of Friday’s Rockin’ Roundup with a brief reminder. Record Store Day is tomorrow, April 16th. Get out and support your local record retailer. There will be specials galore, and in some cases, in store appearances. If you know of a local dealer near you, pay them a visit tomorrow. You just might find yourself a new favorite store.


Anonymous said...

Are you a Yankee's or a Mets fan?

Ryo Vie said...

I am a Yankees fan. And after last night's Knicks playoff game, I am one ticked off Knicks fan! Tough loss!