Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sleepy Kitty - Projection Room

Former Harvey Danger drummer Evan Suit has teamed up with vocalist extraordinaire Paige Brubeck for the alternative rock group Sleepy Kitty. Combining elements of great 90s acts such as Ben Folds Five, The Cranberries, and The White Stripes, Sleepy Kitty has a fresh rock sound that draws from the greats yet adds their own signature flavor.

Their album, Projection Room was released this January. Projection Room is an innovative record that stands out as a fresh and unique take on punk rock and grunge music. Lead vocalist Paige Brubeck has a standout voice that blends melodies and harmonies into magnificent sound. Her voice is strong and attractive, yet never overpowers the music. Brubeck’s ability with a guitar is solid as well, making her a formidable front woman. Between exceptional vocals and shredding guitar work, Paige Brubeck is a force to be reckoned with.

Not to be outdone by his bandmate, Evan Suit holds his own behind the drum kit, providing the perfect tempo and rhythm to these well crafted songs. Suit is a master of timing, knowing just the right fills to add and the exact timing of when to add them. Known best for his work with Harvey Danger, Evan Suit reminds us all what a great musician he was and it is nice to see him back with such an outstanding band, Sleepy Kitty.

Any band that writes a song about a Batman ride and makes it fun is going to get my attention and Sleepy Kitty recorded a fun and fresh song in “Batman: The Ride.” Other standouts from the album include “Don’t You Start,” “Godard Protagonist Inflection,” and my personal favorite, “Hold Yr Ground.”

If you are looking for a unique sound that harkens back to the sound of 90s rock but manages to be unique for 2014, check out Projection Room. It is a terrific album worthy of your attention. And if one of your New Year’s resolutions was to find great new rock and roll, Projection Room will definitely fulfill it.

Track Listing

Opening Scene
Don’t You Start
Nothing = You
What Are You Going To Do When You Find Bigfoot?
The Hoax
Godard Protagonist Inflection
The Agony & Ecstasy of Mike Daisey
Western Antagonist Reflection
All I Do Is Dream Of You
Batman: The Ride
Hold Yr Ground 


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