Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Jayhawks - Remastered Releases

The Jayhawks, in coordination with UME (Universal Music Enterprises), will release three of their greatest albums in remastered format. Sound Of Lies (1997), Smile (2000), and Rainy Day Music (2003) will all be unleashed on compact disc July 1st and vinyl on August 5th. Anyone wishing to find some exceptional road music for their summer cruises should line up on the first of July to purchase one or all three of these exceptional records.

I got into the Jayhawks many years ago. I discovered them through a “if you like this band, then try that band” snippet on one of the websites (I can’t recall which one, probably Amazon, but it doesn’t matter). As a fan of Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, and Ryan Adams, I was really starting to get into this very different, alternative country, independent music. And along came the Jayhawks. I purchased Rainy Day Music, their 2003 gem, and was instantly hooked. I had never heard music this fresh and different. And I had to hear more.

The newly remastered albums Smile, Sound Of Lies, and Rainy Day Music sound terrific. A cleaner, more pronounced sound resonates throughout each disc. And while the enhanced music is a real treat, the best part of each one of these releases is the bonus material. Each disc comes with no less than five bonus tracks of previously unavailable or unreleased material. That alone makes it worth the purchase.

And the songs are still as spectacular as when they were released. The highlights for me include “The Man Who Loved Life,” “Think About It” and “Big Star” from Sound Of Lies. Smile favorites include “Smile,” “What Led Me To This Town,” and “Somewhere In Ohio.” And I’ve always loved “All The Right Reasons,” “Save It For A Rainy Day” and “Eyes Of Sarahjane” from Rainy Day Music.

The Jayhawks will be touring in support of these remastered releases this summer. The touring band for 2014 will consist of: Gary Louris, Marc Perlman, Tim O’ Reagan, Karen Grotberg, and Kraig Johnson. The band will be in Europe for most of July before coming to North America (performing in Calgary). As of this writing, select dates have been set for August festival shows in Minnesota and Iowa, and a pair of September shows in Minneapolis. More American dates will be released soon. You can keep an eye out by visiting:

If you’ve never checked out The Jayhawks before, now is the perfect time to make yourself a fan. With 3 terrific remastered records, a fall tour of America, and rejuvenated band members, the second half of 2014 is going to be a magical journey for this band.

Sound Of Lies
The Man Who Loved Life
Think About It
It’s Up To You
Stick In The Mud
Big Star
Poor Little Fish
Sixteen Down
Dying On The Vine
Bottomless Cup
Sound Of Lies
Bonus Tracks:
I Hear You Cry
Kirby’s Tune (studio outtake)
It’s Up To You (alternate version)
Sound Of Lies (rough mix)

I’m Gonna Make You Love Me
What Led Me To This Town
Somewhere In Ohio
A Break In The Clouds
Queen Of The World
Life Floats
Broken Harpoon
Pretty Thing
Mr. Wilson
(In My) Wildest Dreams
Better Days
Baby, Baby, Baby
Bonus Tracks:
Who Made You King (studio outtake)
Gypsy In The Mood (studio outtake)
A Part Of You (demo)
Life’s Little Ups And Downs (live)
Greta Garbo (demo)
Five Cornered Blues (demo)

Rainy Day Music
Stumbling Through The Dark
All The Right Reasons
Save It For A Rainy Day
Eyes Of Sarahjane
One Man’s Problem
Don’t Let The World Get In Your Way
Come To The River
You Look So Young
Tampa To Tulsa
Will I See You In Heaven
Stumbling Through The Dark (reprise)
Bonus Tracks:
Tailspin (“inbred” version)
Waiting For Salvation (demo)
The Book You Wrote (demo)
False Eyelashes (Blue Eyed Soul( (demo)
Won’t Last Long (demo)
In The Canyon (live)


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