Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Review: Extreme - Pornograffitti Remastered

Ever since I first heard the piano notes and a woman’s voice crying out “Francis…!” I have been in love with Extreme’s second album. I owned the original on cassette before upgrading to CD years later. And now, the band has released a remastered, double disc, 25th Anniversary edition of the album, which sounds even better than ever.

Extreme is an amazing band that I have always believed never got the proper amount of attention and respect they deserved. And while their debut album was a solid, hard rock effort, it was their second release, Pornograffitti that showed the band and their fans the true sound of Extreme. Rock, Pop, Jazz, and Funk all blended into one amazing wall of music was the pronounced sound of Extreme. That was never showcased more than on Pornograffitti.

The remastered album brings back many memories with much more clarity. Almost every song on the record is a hit; the exception being “When I First Kissed You,” which is a song that I just never liked. I always felt that it was too swoony, that the band was trying too hard to be Frank Sinatra, or some jazz club act. And perhaps that was their intent for this one song, but it never sat well with me. Every other song on the record is fantastic! And while the remastered album memorized from my youth sounds truly outstanding, it is the bonus disc that makes this collection worth owning.

Along with the entire Pornografitti album, there is a second disc of deliciousness. B-sides “Nice Place To Visit” and “Sex N Love” are included in the package. Also on disc are two remix versions of “Get The Funk Out”, radio edits of “Money (In God We Trust) and “Decadence Dance,” and several versions of the bands biggest hit “More Than Words.” Four different versions of “More Than Words” are also contained, including an A Cappella version and a radio edit.

Overall, owning Extreme II: Pornograffitti is a no-brainer. The album still holds up 25 years later and sounds much better than any Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift, One Direction garbage that Ryan Seacrest shoved down our throats on New Year’s Eve. Extreme’s second album is funk rock at its finest. Even if you already own the record, do yourself a favor and get this double disc anniversary edition. It’s a huge upgrade for a small amount of dough.  

Track Listing
Decadence Dance
Lil Jack Horny
When I’m President
Get The Funk Out
More Than Words
Money (In God We Trust)
It’s (a Monster)
When I First Kissed You
Suzi (Wants Her All Day What)
He-Man Woman Hater
Song For Love
Hole Hearted
More Than Words Remix
Nice Place To Visit (Single B-side)
More Than Words – Radio Edit
Decadence Dance – Edit
Money (In God We Trust ) – Edit
More Than Words – A Capella
Get The Funk Out – What The Funk Mix
More Than Words – Non Percussion Version
Get The Funk Out – 12 Inch Remix
Sex N Love (Single B-side)

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