Monday, July 20, 2015

EP Review: The Eiffels - The Eiffels

Combining the best elements of bands like Duran Duran, Erasure, and Level 42, The Eiffels have released an exceptional self titled EP. The Eiffles are a synth-rock group with serious talent. They have a sound rooted in 80s synth rock with a modern lyrical twist. And while the band would have fared very well in the 80s, they are poised for greatness in this decade as well.

Toe tapping, head bobbing, plain old fun music is what the Eiffels produce on lead track, “I’m Ready.” This song is guaranteed to get feet moving right out of the gate. “I’m Ready,” is a synth filled fun song with a great beat and high quality. While it is short and sweet (clocking in at 2:42), the song packs a solid punch. Quality over quantity---the way every song should be.

“City All Night,” is a fantastical ode to the youthful. Partying in the city all night with no curfew and no real agenda is the theme of this song---a fun theme to say the least. To be young and exuberant, with no cares in the world as the city is stormed all night, bar to bar, and place to place, is a feeling of ecstasy. The Eiffels capture that feeling in a three minute ode to happiness and youthful freedom. “City All Night” is undoubtedly my favorite song on this EP. It’s just a song that reminds us how to have fun and enjoy life once in awhile without being so uptight.

The grand music continues on the third track, “More.” Another pumped up, synth-pop anthem destined to be enjoyed by thousands upon thousands of ears. “More” builds on the music from the previous two songs and ups the ante just a bit. A faster paced enjoyable explosion of music captivates the listener and solidifies The Eiffels as a terrific band.

“I Did It Now” is the final track of the EP and it rounds out the collection nicely. Filled with several catchy synth hooks, solid vocals, and a groove that sticks in your head, “I Did It Now” is a great closer to an exceptional EP. The fast paced, dance beat is a lot of fun and The Eiffels close out their EP in style with this tune.

Although short and sweet, The Eiffels is a grand EP worthy of multiple listens, especially on a hot summer night when the partying atmosphere is at its finest.  The Eiffels have an exceptional sound and quality. I have a feeling that we are going to be hearing a lot of great things about this band in the coming months.

Track Listing
I’m Ready
City All Night
I Did It Now  

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TheRev said...

Saw these guys in Seattle, WA. They were epic, rockin', and totally cool guys.
Nice review!