Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - M3 Rock Festival 2017 Edition

It’s hard to believe that another M3 Rock Festival has arrived! This will be the 8th year in a row that I attend the ultimate 80s metal festival. The only year I’ve missed was the very first one. Every year I have a fabulous time at the M3 festival and I look forward to it more and more with each year that passes. 2017 looks to be incredible as always with exceptional weather due and a lot of bands that I have never seen live before.

This edition of Friday’s Rockin’ Roundup is dedicated to all things M3. Be sure to follow me on twitter (@RyoVie) for the latest tweets, pics, and happenings at the M3 festival (as well as what I’m up to in the days leading up to the main event). And while I’m enjoying the weather forecast and rocking out to Junkyard, Vain, and RhinoBucket in anticipation of next week, here’s what rocking with the M3 Festival.

Want to know what’s happening at M3? What bands are going to be there? Set times? Other happenings in and around the festival? Check out the M3 festival website for all the latest.

Sadly, one of the greatest metal bands announced for this year’s M3 won’t be able to perform. Loudness was denied entry into the US and Blabbermouth poses the question: was this due to Trump’s new immigration policy? I don’t know if this is the reason or not, but I do know it totally sucks that Loudness won’t be there.

One of the bands that I have never seen live before (and cannot wait to do so) is Junkyard. Their debut album was played endlessly by me when it was first released. I fell in love with the band due to songs like “Simple Man” and “Hands Off” and have been rocking with them ever since. They just released a new album, High Water, today and I am sure that they are going to perform a song or two from it at M3. Check out their website to order the new disc (and yes, physical versions are available at a retailer near you).

I’ve never seen Vain live. I’ve wanted Vain to be at M3 for years now. I am finally getting my wish! This is another band that I fell in love with after hearing their debut album. No Respect is a remarkable record and the albums that were released after it are just as good. One of my music dreams is going to finally come true next weekend!

I’ve seen them once (at M3) and they were spectacular! Their timeslot sucks, but I am committed to seeing this band live again. Therefore, I will force myself to get up early and get to the Pavilion to witness an exceptional band perform live. They also have a new CD that released today, The Last Real Rock N’ Roll. Check out their website to see how you can get a copy.

I think Dangerous Toys is the band that I am most looking forward to see. As a teen in high school I absolutely worshiped this band when their debut album was released. I played “Scared,” “Take Me Drunk” and “Sprot’n a Woody” over and over and over again. I’ve always thought their self-titled album was a masterpiece, and now decades later, I will finally get to hear those gems live. It’s going to be amazing!

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