Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Nice Site To Visit: Bring Back Glam!

If you’re into party music, power ballads, big hair, and the glam scene of the 80s, then your cousin Ryo has a website for you. Bring Back Glam! is a neat little spot on the web, run exclusively by Allyson, the Glam Mistress, who knows anything and everything about the glam genre.

Whether it’s Poison, Skid Row, Nelson, Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, Warrant, or any other artist from the era, the Glam Girl’s got it all covered. She is a master in the field of 80s party rock and roll. There isn’t an artist from back in the day that she doesn’t know about, and even the obscure and rare are covered at her site.

With regular updates about the current happenings with the great hair bands from back in the day, Bring Back Glam! is the site to check first when you want to know about glam rockers of days gone by. Posts are daily so you can check in on a regular basis to see the latest action in the world of hair metal. Current news, tours, album releases, as well as obscure videos, records, and remembrances from way back when, are all part of this wonderful site.

Bring Back Glam! is a hair metal enthusiasts’ dream. Allyson’s writing style is simple, direct, and informative. In depth coverage of concerts, festivals, and live performances complete with pictures and video clips round out the site and make it a worthwhile place to visit.

Want to talk live with the Glam Mistress herself? There’s a chat room for that. Set up for Wednesday evenings, Allyson hosts a chat that talks about everything and anything, centered on great hair metal music. It’s a fun time for all involved!

If you like your hair metal, your 80s rock, or your bands from the Sunset Strip, then this is the website for you. Bring Back Glam! covers everything including newer bands that sound glam and have that glam flavor. If it’s classic, rare, or brand new in the vein of aqua net and spandex, Bring Back Glam! will be providing you the news. An excellent site that is part of my weekly reads.

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