Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iron Maiden The Final Frontier Tour - Setlist Predictions

Ah, it’s that time of the year again. The summer concert season is almost upon us. With some great bands going out on the road, I know this summer will be a hot one for the concert industry. One of the bands that I am going to see (for the 4th time) is Iron Maiden. They will be touring in support of a new album, The Final Frontier, which won’t be released until after the show. So, I’m curious. What will Iron Maiden’s set list consist of for this tour?

The last tour the band went on was the Somewhere Back In Time Tour where they played nothing but the classic hits from 1980 – 1989 (with the exception of 1991’s Fear Of The Dark). The tour before that was The Matter of Life and Death Tour which featured the band performing A Matter of Life and Death in its entirety and 5 classic Maiden tunes.

What will The Final Frontier Tour bring us? Let’s speculate, shall we?

It’s almost a given that Fear of the Dark will be performed. The fans love that song and Maiden seems to love performing it. There has to be some new songs in there, even if the album isn’t released when they hit the states. I’m going to say three new songs get performed from The Final Frontier. It’s painfully obvious that Iron Maiden will be performed. Run to the Hills is a safe bet. As is Number of the Beast.

I would like to see Seventh Son of a Seventh Son performed, but that’s just wishful thinking on my part. I don’t think Maiden will perform that song. I also wouldn’t mind seeing that album in its entirety, but I think Maiden is done performing entire albums.

It would be superb to see some 30 year anniversary classics that haven’t been played in a long time. I would wet my pants if I heard Women In Uniform.

So without further adieu, here’s my prediction on what this year’s set list will look like. I have no inside information, just my gut instincts. After the tour kicks off, it will be nice to revisit this and see how many songs I got correct.

These are not in order, just the songs that I think the band will perform on this year’s tour.

Ryo’s Setlist Prediction
Run To The Hills
Iron Maiden
Number Of The Beast
New Song 1 (from The Final Frontier)
New Song 2 (from The Final Frontier)
New Song 3 (from The Final Frontier)
Fear of the Dark
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Brave New World
Wildest Dreams
A Different World
Running Free
Infinite Dreams
The Trooper
Can I Play With Madness
The Evil That Men Do

What are your thoughts? Think you can predict what Maiden will perform for us this year? Comments are open. Feel free to post some.


Iron Maiden The Final Frontier said...

Hey, good stuff... Maiden just got off the Somewhere Back in Time tour which was basically a Powerslave tour, so don't be disappointed/surprised if you see more stuff come off of A Matter of Life and Death. Perhaps rip into the first three tracks, they're all incredible.

I agree that about 3 or 4 songs will be from The Final Frontier.

I'm absolutely stoked for this album. I LOVED A Matter of Life and Death.

Ryo Vie said...

I would love to hear For The Greater Good of God off of AMOLAD, but not sure if they'll pull that one out.

I am really excited to hear the new album! I loved AMOLAD too and I think The Final Frontier will be even better!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be disappointed with that set-list!! 15 albums is a lot to cram into a set. We all have our favorites, all great to good.
Still Life form Piece of Mind is my personal favorite, yet they never play it in concert?

Will be seeing them the first show in Dallas.

Anonymous said...

there will only be one song from the final frontier album.

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