Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Irving Azoff Needs To Shut His Mouth

After recently joining the ranks of Twitter, Irving Azoff, the Executive Chariman of Live Nation Entertainment posted this very unintelligent comment: “If you want ticket prices to go down, stop stealing music.” What an ass! Now, I can’t speak for everyone, but I can certainly speak on my own behalf. I don’t steal music and I encourage others to buy the music they are listening to as well. With that being said, “stolen” music isn’t the reason ticket prices are so high, and Azoff and everyone else in the industry knows this. No, Irving, if we want ticket prices to go down, you shouldn’t be giving these artists guaranteed contracts worth millions of dollars. It’s the same reason that live sporting events are so expensive now, guaranteed money.

Ignorant, insensitive comments such as “stop stealing music” are the reason that CEOs like Irving Azoff are hated in the industry by real music fans. He is light years away from the reality of this situation. His comment boils down to this (in its most simplistic form) if no one illegally downloaded music, ticket prices would drop to an affordable level. So, Mr. Azoff, you’re telling me that front row seats would now be sold for $20/ticket? Sorry, I don’t believe you.

As for people “stealing” music, that is a blanket statement for you to hide behind, because you know that the end results can never be tangibly measured. So here’s a nice counter-proposal: if you want people to stop “stealing” music, then lower the price of the albums. If a CD costs $10-$13 in a store, fully packaged with linear notes and a jewel case, then it should cost half of that online. There’s no packaging to pay for, there’s no storage fee to pay, there’s no shipping cost. Yet, greedy CEOs, much like yourself, refuse to lower the price because they can’t fathom lowering the price on anything. It would hurt their pride too much and they would feel like they are going against the corporate model. Yet, simple macro economics of supply and demand states that this is the time to lower your prices. Concerts, merchandise, albums, and even concessions should be lowered to affordable levels. Instead, the corporate greed of the Irving Azoff’s of the world have forced true fans to decide which concert they will see this season, instead of deciding which group of concerts they will see this season.

Back to the opening of this post; the stealing comment made by Mr. Azoff. Where is the statistical evidence that backs that statement up? How much money are you “losing” every year by people “stealing” music, and how does that directly translate into savings at a concert? Perhaps if you would take the time to show us the math and provide us with empirical evidence that you aren’t lying instead of joining twitter and posting ignorant tweets such as “if you want ticket prices to go down, stop stealing music,” you would see some positive results. My counter to your ignorant comment is this, if you want your concerts to sell out, then lower your ticket prices.

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Jay Amabile said...

AMEN! Ticketmaster is the shittiest way to get tickets. I despise them.

Anonymous said...

Well stated Ryo!! YEAH! Gee, I wonder what this dude's salary is... maybe take away his bonuses and ticket prices will go down? How about taking a salary cut of at least 10% due to the economic climate? Nah... just "blame the little guy".

I spend lots of $$$ on CD's. The only "freebies" I get are from the PR angels that send them to me to review. I'm with you Ryo... a "blanket comment" like that has no legitimacy.