Monday, September 13, 2010

New Music Monday - Subrosa Union, Zoe Scott, and Remy Zero

Up first for today’s edition of New Music Monday is Subrosa Union with “6th Street Beauty Queen.” This is an interesting rock song with a unique sound that is hard to compare with anything out there right now. It’s electronic rock at its best! Check them out and enjoy the free single!

6th St. Beauty Queen- SUbrosa Union by artofbroadcast

Female acoustic folk singer Zoe Scott has just released a video for “Black Roses.” This is an amazing song sung with feeling and power. A slow hard rocking ballad, “Black Roses” could be my pick of the fall season.

And finally, here’s Remy Zero with “Til The End.” This is a great, power/pop song that is highly enjoyable. I love lead singer Cinjun Tate’s voice on this song. Power and beauty combined for a perfect vocal.

Remy Zero - 'Til The End by popantipop

Have a happy Monday! Enjoy the free downloads! And if you like what you hear, you should support these artists and buy their albums.

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