Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Battling The Flu Edition

I’ve been sick this week, battling cold/flu symptoms. Whatever it is, it came on strong Tuesday morning and hasn’t left. No one likes being sick, but for a type A personality like me, it’s a nightmare. When I am unable to do the things that I want due to illness, it drives me crazy. I know that I need to rest and sleep and let the sickness pass, but I find that I am pushing myself regardless. That’s not very bright. In the end, it is most likely going to make me sicker. Thus, my type A battles my rational side, and just makes for a hot mess. The worst part of being sick is not being able to work out in the morning. I know that I can’t push my body that much when I am sick, but I hate not working out – it just makes me feel lazy. I know it’s all mental, but it’s still annoying. Hopefully I will feel better by next week and be back on track with workouts, writing, and getting things done for my day job.

Here’s what rocked this week:

The 2011 Grammy Awards
Did you miss the Grammys last Sunday? Couldn’t stay awake to see who won all of the awards? Not sure which band won hard rock album of the year, because it wasn’t televised? Fear not. The Grammys were kind enough to put together a list of winners so that you can recap the nominees and awards for each category. A listing of who performed and where these performances can be viewed is also available.

Bullet – Highway Pirates
Over at Hard Rock Hideout, I posted a review of Swedish rockers Bullet’s latest album, Highway Pirates. If you’re into hard rock and screaming metal, this is an excellent record that I highly recommend. The fast, heavy beat is bound to get your blood flowing, feet stomping, and fists pumping in no time!

The Map of Metal
Holy Hell! Thanks to Blogs N’ Roses ( I have been introduced to one of the most addicting rock/metal sites ever. The Map of Metal is a totally unique, wild, and cool map that shows the history of all different types of rock music. From Hard Rock to Progressive to Heavy Metal and more, the Map of Metal has it covered. You can spend hours on this site, listening to all of the different bands that are posted and seeing how they fit into the history of rock and roll. This site is amazing!

The 2011 Bonnaroo Lineup Has Been Released
Another year of Bonnaroo is coming up fast. This year’s lineup was recently announced and while it appears I was wrong about my prediction of Dave Matthews Band performing there in 2011, they still put together another solid lineup. What I like most about Bonnaroo (and always have) is the diversity of musical talent they bring to the festival. This year is no exception. Eminem, Widespread Panic, Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, and a reunited Buffalo Springfield are just some of the bands on the bill. Once again, Bonnaroo looks to be the festival to visit if you’re only visiting one.

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