Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Best of the Guru Edition

Happy Independence Day everyone! Enjoy your long weekend of BBQs, fireworks, and summer fun. Take a moment to remember our forefathers who fought with their lives to gain us the freedoms we have today.

It’s July. We’re midway through the year. I thought it would be nice to recap some of the best posts of The Rock and Roll Guru so far. The selection criteria were based on personal preference, number of visits, number of comments, and overall reaction. Here’s what rocked the first half of 2009.

Why This Blog Was Created

My first post and still one of my favorites. I check back to it often as it helps remind me why I started this blog and what I hope to achieve with it. I’m getting closer ever day.

The Easter Eggs of Rock
A fun little post on the artwork of Iron Maiden recordings. This piece was published in a blog carnival and has had many visits since it posted.

Kiss World Tour 2009 Wishlist
Many, many people have visited this post. With Kiss being on tour this year, everyone wants to know what songs they will play. While no one knows that yet, this was my fun attempt at selecting what I felt would be the ultimate playlist. I also made a strong argument for why they need to lose the makeup.

U2 – August 13, 1992
A young Ryo attends a concert at Giants Stadium, sees U2 for the first time, and deals with heartbreak, all in the same post.

Poison's Summer Setlist?
Not to be outdone, many people have visited this page as well. With Poison also touring this year (with Def Leppard and Cheap Trick), everyone wants to know what their setlist will be. Well, once again, I crafted what I felt was the ultimate Poison set.

The Independent Record Store
A call out to the days of yesteryear. This post reminisces about a small record store that I used to know and that I used to spend a LOT of time in.

Pop Evil – Lipstick on the Mirror
My review of an album by one of the better bands to debut in the last 5 years. Lipstick on the Mirror is an excellent disc and in this post, I tell you exactly why that is.

A Guns N Roses Reunion
What would it take for Guns N Roses to reunite? In this post, I make my argument on how it could happen. I’ll agree that it is not an easy scenario, but it certainly isn’t impossible.

Iron Maiden – October 13, 2006
My first Iron Maiden concert experience. They were performing their new album in its entirety. I was not happy. Maiden conquered anyway.

When Did You Start Your Music Collection
This was a fun little series on the power of collecting. I was interested in learning how and when people started their music collections. Some started with 45s, some with full length vinyl albums, and me, I started with Kiss.
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MattXFrehley said...

man, this blog rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep On Rockin'!!!!!!!!!!

Ryo Vie said...

Thanks for the kind words Matt. Glad you like the Guru.